Cadavoracity - Cadavoracity (Earsturbation)

The modern overlap between brutal death metal’s pong-snare torture porn and goregrind’s blood-splatter expressionism sprawls across a frontier with shared borders between experimental noise, no wave, free jazz, and other bastard offspring of the avant-garde. Bands like Effluence, Sulfuric Cautery, and Encenathrakh are guilty of blurring these lines, marshaling squalls of feedback and squiggly polyrhythms alongside soured guitar barf and vocals anomalous enough to inspire countless cryptozoological theories. Cadavoracity’s impenetrable rasp was borne of shrapnel, barbed wire, and other rusted wreckage strewn across this scorched earth. A four piece from Indonesia, they manage by a process of ceaseless combustion to smelt this detritus into something like a serrated steel automaton, crimping noisily in heaving motion. Guitars grind and snap like a garbage disposal jammed with ball bearings, scuffing against unoiled vocals and drums detonating like duct-taped nail bombs. Tightened and tuned for tenacity, the snare flickers and sways like a po-faced lantern above the cacophony—more like a demon halo mocking the hum of a Tibetan singing bowl than your typical boisterous clank. This gamelan chime serves as a kind of tantric guide to rein and ride shrieking scrap metal down a corkscrew trash chute, and feels suspiciously like an act of mercy. It's a rare concession from an album that otherwise offers no quarter, and another wily ploy from a band laying waste to extreme-metal norms in their Frankenstein drive to hybridize two of the heaviest up-and-coming subgenres.