Hyper Psychic - Deeper Psychosis (Self-released)

The punks keep delivering good metal this year, and I love it. Hailing from L.A., and emanating the distinct vibrancy of SoCal hardcore, Hyper Psychic lay down some fuckin’ high-wattage riffs on this their debut EP. Everything on Deeper Psychosis is as extra as can be, and the bits and pieces of crust, death metal, and even slam feel almost haphazardly tossed in, with no check other than the need to answer ‘yes’ to one question and one question alone: Does it rip? The result works less because a ‘perfect balance’ has been struck, than because the underlying compositions are simple and engaging enough to accommodate some affective adventurousness—just like how the cover’s ‘Where’s Waldo?’ collage of metal and metal-adjacent iconography lets nuclear warning signs, ammunition belts, and peace symbols all find a home. None of this is to say that Hyper Psychic lack direction, or that they don’t find moments for individuals to shine. Lead vocalist Molly Scarpine voices video-game monsters for a living, and leads a ‘Scream Team’ of vocal actors (athletes?) for various entertainment and technology purposes. She howls; she growls; and she shrieks with a convincing flexibility that puts the capital ‘P’ in the ‘Performance Art’ of harsh vox. Indeed, Scarpine's professional page now links to Deeper Psychosis, which might lend itself to dismissing the EP as a kind of 'Hollywood' audition tape, if she didn’t have such presence. She sounds not human, all the while making it easy to hear and to understand every single word (see the standout track, “Cursed Circuits,” to fully appreciate her powers). A truly ghoulish arrival—perfect for a Halloween snack.