Tyrannus – Unslayable (True Cult)

In their rip-roaring debut, Tyrannus present a spirited take on the increasingly saturated subgenre of blackened death, by using the shared thrash history of both subgenres as a basis for their fusion. After an ambient track and a bass-focused intro, the second track enters with a speed and violence which evokes The Big Thrash Four at their most aggressive: the first half of the record is gone in a blink, delectably atmospheric solos and some satisfying bass heft capturing and maintaining the listener’s attention. Across the album, Tyrannus are very capable when it comes to gear shifts, rhythmic and timbral — atmospheric synths and stripped-back tension builders lead to riffing of a Hath-like deliberation, empowering the triumphant finale of “Break the Will of Evil” and maintaining momentum. Spewed by project mastermind Callum John Cant, the lyrics are also a savvy genre-fusion. The punky origins of thrash, best displayed in the vitriolic barks of “It Taketh”, are filtered through modern metal’s Lovecraftian themes (a la Sulphur Aeon), creating an anti-capitalist narrative about resistance to a leviathan oppressor. All these seemingly disparate philosophies of metal canon, both musical and lyrical, are the unified tentacles of an intelligent, but brutal beast that doesn't let go.