Sacrificed Sorcery - Demo I (Self-released)

Sometimes it pays to trawl the frigid trenches of Bandcamp where thousands of raw BM records lay suspended in murk like the skeletal remains of forgotten shipwrecks.  Sure, most one-man bedroom projects put more effort into their corpse paint than their production, and the sub-genre is often plagued with derivative, tremolo riff-dependent songwriting, but every once in a while there's a record that manages to think outside the box.  Sacrificed Sorcery's demo is one of those rare examples.

Eschewing cookie cutter kvlt aesthetics for a more expansive and alchemical approach, the demo channels power from a variety of other genres into its arachnoid nexus.  The warbly, ragged electronica that opens the record draws equally from dark ambient and dungeon synth, and the guitarwork elsewhere utilizes a workmanlike and ritualized repetition that gives this a corrupted, occult-ified krautrock feel.  There's an overwhelming sense of incrementally expanding power; each iteration of the chord progressions slowly wraps another length of spectral chain around the mind of the listener, lowering them deeper into a ego-dissolving hypnagogia.  

If you dig hypnotic and ambient-leaning BM like Pa Vesh En, Arvalastra, or Reverorum ib Malacht, give this a whirl.