Inhuman Depravity - The Experimendead (Gruesome)

Lame-ass album titles notwithstanding, Inhuman Depravity's The Experimendead sidles right into the Mutant Breakfast wheelhouse of slightly off-kilter death metal. Typically, when I'm venturing into the realm of brutal death metal (BDM), I'm looking to get weird with it. I scroll to Nile, Lykathea Aflame, and even dum-bro stuff like Suffocation on my iPod, then whisper dulcet tones to the art on my display screen: "You, submerge me in your arcane hourglass crystals; you, your celestial battery acid; and you, your rotten and fecal fondue mix." Every once in a while, though, an Incinerated lumbers into the bar looking to do little more with the multifarious and decades-long tradition of brootality than to implant some extra chonk into a good ol' death-metal riff. While not Lobotomise in heaviness or in memorability, The Experimendead does a bang-up job making BDM its second and complementary flavor. Inhuman Depravity keep their guitars relatively traditional, but let some weirdness in the vocals and lower end creep in. The result is on the level with other promising BDM releases from this year, like Necroveg’s latest, only lighter on its feet and generally bearing itself with a bit more self respect. (I mean that as a compliment to both bands.) The two of them should satisfy your craving for the rarest cuts of the reddest meats metal has to offer—and in totally different ways.