Sequestrum - The Epitome of Putridity (Extremely Rotten)

Copenhagen's death metal scene is a septic hotbed for incestuous collaboration, but thankfully the cross-contamination caused by bands sharing guitarists and drummers has not resulted in overly homogenous (or stagnant) output.  Sure, there is something of a "Copenhagen sound" emerging from the city's sewers and back-alleys, but it manifests across a number of sub-genres and is too nuanced for a tidy definition.    

If you're familiar with this corner of metaldom, then you've probably heard of David Torturdød.  He wields his mighty axe in bands like Hyperdontia, Phrenelith, and Undergang, and his knack for viscous, gut-churning, and bile-soaked OSDM riffcraft has turned many (decapitated) heads.  Sequestrum is his new side-gig with Chaotian's Andreas Nordgreen and Søren Willatzen, and their debut EP "The Epitome of Putridity" is a vile and aptly named brew of soggy, deranged deathgrind.  

Everything about this EP is sopping wet.  Each song is bookended by bathroom field recordings of fluids dripping and sloshing, the production is murky and dank, and the burp-like, Demilich-esque vocal-retching seems to gurgle up from an overflowing commode.  Although they're down-tuned into the gutter, the guitar and bass work is deceptively nimble, drawing equally from traditional grind and death metal.  This may not be Torturdød's most memorable work, and it's all over too quickly, but you'll be hard-pressed to find anything slimier.