Pays du Mat - Kahatl (WV Sorceror)

For a vegetarian and a lizard, I really like music that sounds like it could accompany ritual animal slaughter. Pays du Mat characterize themselves as an "(A)National Orchestra," which sounds dope even if they're clearly super French—in spirit if not in (a)nationality. Their (translated) self-description lays down a whimsical mix of highfalutin philosophizing and borderline nonsensical word choices, like an enthusiastic 16-year-old on a Deleuze or Derridas kick. I don’t know if I would call what I hear a “concretion of seditious sound collages,” or “the avulsion of protohistory,” but I like how the record garnishes hazy layers of industrial noise atop unplaceable, old-world percussion. It sounds like a super basic formula—and in a way, it is—but it vibes. Hard. If you're looking for spiritual analogs closer to metal, I might suggest the arcane magic found in the most sinister neofolk acts, like Goatpsalm and Kallomäki. But Pays du May show greater commitment to the bit, making the whole post-humanity apocalyptic thing more outlandish (and fun?) than I've ever heard it. Maybe, someone else out there enjoys big drums thumping by firelight and "oogity boogity” ejaculations from Frenchmen. Maybe, Kahatl isn't just for the Geccho.