Welcome to Mutant Breakfast, your friendly metal blog for bleak, gory, and downright weird music. A kind of diner for lovers of the extreme, the point is to serve up those misfit plates you won't find anywhere but the furthest reaches of Bandcamp and other music sites, "hailed" by a hard-to-trust mix of chuds; burner accounts; and, every so often, a knowledgeable metalhead.

We three mutants met on Discord and bonded over our disappointment in the blogosphere's lack of substantive discussion about fringe subgenres and emergent styles. Most metal review sites focus on full-length releases from the major labels that send them promos. Mutant Breakfast is about digging a little deeper to find those worthy releases—big and small—that might not get more than a passing blurb. Don’t get us wrong: We’re happy to listen to music that bands and labels send us here; it’s just that as three busy critters we can only promise to spend time with the stuff that really whets our deviant appetites. We put tons of thought into all our dishes, but try to keep them in a short and easy-to-read format for those on the go. What's more, we keep inventory of each and every band reviewed, in a slow-but-sure effort to index a kind of library/storehouse of the metal scene's juiciest bites. All told, the hope is that you'll come here looking to engage seriously with different and (for the most part) lesser-known releases that don’t get much shine anywhere else. We see metal as an underappreciated ethos and art form that doesn't get the serious reflection it deserves, and we're looking to change that—bottom up.

An unfortunate but necessary disclaimer: We are vehemently against racism or any form of hatred toward minority groups of any kind. It can be hard out there to know what’s what, and we’re not perfect, but we want to keep fascist and other hateful ideologies from having a platform on our site. If you know something we don't know about one of the bands posted, tell us. Otherwise, we’ll do our best to advertise when we’re not so sure—and when we recommend not clicking the ‘purchase’ button just yet.

Feel free to email us anytime at contact@mutantbreakfast.com, if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback. Those interested can also subscribe to email notifications for every review we post.